Yule 2015


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Our Yule ritual had an amazing turn out. It was very cold, but  instead of battling the elements we embraced the element’s them and we were truly warm. The ritual was performed by the coven’s High Priest and High Priestess and was very thorough.

We called upon the great Tri-God and Tri-Goddess and acknowledged their great power by representing each of them with candle. A handcrafted yule log sat on the altar and held each deity’s candle, each color representing the god in our midst. This is the end of the old solar year and the beginning of the new one.  It is a fitting time to look back and reflect, and also a time to look ahead to the future, to make plans and to set goals.

After the calling of the Gods we wrote our intentions for the new year on a piece of paper and fixed it to the yule log. One by we one placed our goals and intentions on a single yule log. After all our intentions were set the High Priest threw the Yule log into cauldron of flames. Candles, intentions and the power of the Gods snapped and crackled wildly as we watched our intentions for the new year be solidified by the power of fire.

We then joined in communion and libations for the Gods and sang wildly! After an amazing and intense ritual we gathered indoors and feasted!

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