Samhain 2016



Samhain (October 31), marks the Pagan new year, and commonly known as Halloween. The veil between the worlds of life and death is thin on this night, we take this time to remember our beloved who have passed. The God gives his life up to the land, and pass in the Shadowland, only to be reborn again at Yule.

Today at Crescent Moon Gifts we celebrated Samhain or what is sometimes referred to as The Witches’ New Year. This is our most sacred holiday. Emotions are unusually high at this time and sometimes are not even realized until we bring in the Sabbat. Therefore, I believe this is why we need to connect with our seasonal cycles. We don’t realize how in touch we are with the Earth and her creatures until we connect with her at her most sacred times. Samhain tends to be most emotional most undoubtedly not only because of our goodbye to the Sun God, but this is the time when the veil between the worlds is so thin our ancestors are most likely to be heard and felt. Next Samhain check your emotions and try to see just how different you feel. This is also the time of year to see just how close you can connect with your lost loved ones.

For this Sabbat, our High Priest, Scott invoked the God Hades. Invoking is one of the powerful tools of magic gifted to us by the Gods. It allows us to not just talk to them, but literally draw them into us and experience their radiance from within. Hade’s himself is not one to be taken in lightly and Scott, being a very experienced Witch, pulled the power of Hades.

This ritual was solemn and spiritually cleansing. The circle was cleansed and quarters were called and then we began with a fifteen-minute mediation created by our High Priestess Syleena. During meditation, she lead us on a soulful journey into the bowels of Hades through a cosmic forest. Our mission was to find Hades, but first we had to journey the underworld. The Underworld is divided up of five rivers. First, we passed the Acheron River – the river of sorrow, or woe. Then we approached the Cocytus River – the river of lamentation. Next, we carefully hovered over the Phlegethon river – river of fire. We continued on to the Lethe River – river of oblivion and finally the Styx River – river of hate, the river upon which even the gods swore and in which Achilles was dipped to render him invincible. The Styx forms the boundary between the upper and lower worlds.

Towards the end of the meditation many emotions began to rise-up – as it is supposed to be at Samhain. A deep cleansing of the soul and the release of tears and pain were dropped into the Rivers of Hades. When the meditation completed we were invited to great Hades at his altar. One by one we ventured to the altar and Hades asked us, “Why have you sought me out?”

During our private moment we divulged our secrets to Hades. Surrounded by skull candles and black dripping wax the invoked Hades was an impressive force. A much-needed connection with the ancestors who dwell in the underworld – Hades did not disappointed.

Once we all got a turn to great the Invoked Hades we returned to circle for cakes and ale and a closing of the circle and quarters. Many hugs and kind words were shared and for a moment a magical store was more than just a retail building, but a world between the worlds and time beyond time.

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