Innercore Meeting Notes


Last night we cancelled ritual. Instead we had a Skype meeting. We decided that Skype will be the official video cast of CBMC for the time being. There is a new version of Skype! After download or if you have Skype now, at the top right side of the toolbar in Skype go to HELP<CHECK FOR UPDATES. We also decided to officially move all rituals to 6:30pm EXCEPT for the already scheduled 2015 public Yule which will remain at 5:00pm. All other innercore and public rituals will be moved to the new time. We hope this new time will be more flexible. We also decided that two rituals a month seems to be too much. We will now have one innercore ritual a month. If innercore coincides with a sabbatt/public ritual then there will be two – one innercore and one public. For example November we will be having just one innercore ritual. December we will have two rituals – one innercore and one sabbatt/public yule ritual. January is weird because Imbolc falls around the first of the month so we will have one innercore ritual on January 23rd and Imbolc Ritual on January 30th. This will give us a break of only one ritual every other month. Though we all are ritual junkies it just seems we cannot pull off meeting twice a month consistently and I do not want us setting us up for failure. These are the things that we decide during innercore events. It is very important that you attend these things and by adjusting the schedule we hope it will help. With a coven of only 9 people, two are out of state, there is big impact on our magic if we have no shows. Please see the new schedule on our website. The rest of the 2016 schedule will put up after the innercore Yule party. At the Yule party is where you will be able to sign up for HP and HPS roles for 2016.

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