Lammas 2016


Today we celebrated Lammas. Lammas, or Lughnasadh, is on August 1. It was the time the ancients gave thanks for the first fruits of the harvest. The summer is waning and the God has become the God of sacrifice, being cut down in the fields. It is a time of giving thanks for what we have and making offerings of gratitude.

Syleena was our High Priestess and Scott was High Priest for this beautiful summer ritual. The weather was warm and sunny, a true treat for the Tacoma area. The altar was adorned with items representing the first harvest in our cycle of the seasons. We had a sickle – which is used for cutting down wheat harvests, wheat stalks, and the elemental representations.

Scott gave an opening statement to the much excited crowd about the Lammas harvest and explained how the CBMC began its journey. Then Scott lead us into a meditation to prepare our mindset for the ritual. Then the circle was cleansed with wheat stalks by Syleena and the elements were consecrated and called to the circle. The Father of the Harvest and the Lady of the Earth were evoked.

Syleena stated the purpose of the working ritual, “The purpose of this ritual is to celebrate Lughnasadh. Through sacrifice comes true reward.  We receive what we have through the sacrifice of others, and can give back through our own sacrifice and giving.  It is equally important to recognize that the sacrifice of the god is a gift of life to us all, to be appreciated and celebrated.”

The Lord and Lady were again thanked for their bountiful harvest they have bestowed upon us. They explained how we are now reaping the rewards of the seeds we planted at Ostara. At this time Scott and Syleena approached each person individually in the circle handing us a wheat stalk and asking, “What are you thankful for this harvest?”

Everyone answered what they are thankful for, even a little boy answered that he was thankful for his teddy bear Patches because he had had the bear forever.

Cakes and Ale followed the working ritual and consisted of seasonal choices of whole grain fruit bars and cherry juice. Libations were given the Gods and their creatures. Finally, the Gods and quarters were released back to their pleasant and lovely realms. The circle was opened and final grounding was concluded.

We had new faces and familiar ones – the energy was high. We had a new soldier join the circle today. We are getting a lot of soldiers and their spouses coming to our circle and we love it! Tacoma is home to Joint Base Lewis-McChord and our Coven is home to military veterans. It is an honor to provide worship for our military when they stop by.

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