Imbolc 2016



Upon walking into Crescent Moon gifts for our very first 2016 Imbolc ritual, we were so pleased to  arrive and find people waiting for our ritual to start. The energy was high and the attendees were very excited to get started.

This year’s Imbolc ritual was written by Lanie and Marlea. Unfortunately, Marlea was struck down with a migraine at the last moment. So, as any well-trained Priestess would do, Syleena was ready to fill her shoes on the spot. After the ritual space was prepared, Syleena and Lanie stepped out to go over the ritual.

All attendees waited anxiously for the ritual to start and stood shoulder to shoulder with the new Seekers we all got settled into the small classroom. Then a  shift of energy was felt as Syleena and Lanie entered the sacred space. All were quiet and excited. We could tell by the energy and the happy faces that this was a privilege for all of us to be in such blessed surroundings.

Lanie began by telling us the history of Imbolc, “This is the time of candlemas. Time to make our candles and cleanse our magikal tools.”

We learned of the history of this major Sabbat and how we can incorporate it into our modern lives today. Scott was called to be the Warder and to cast our circle. He has done this so many times that when you hear Scott cast circle, you will also see it. The power of the circle lives in him. However, I don’t know if he knows that, but he is commanding and magikal when the need for a sacred circle arises. Next, Syleena and Scott called in the elements to guard our circle and made it a place beyond time and space. Truly a fit meeting place for the Gods.

Then Goddesses Brigid and Epona were evoked by Lanie and again the energy shifted. The Goddesses were among us. Syleena and Lanie stood in white robes and the energy danced between them as they lit the candles representing the Goddesses.

Next Lanie held up a basket of white candles, some of which were previously used and infused with even more magic. We had the choice to get a little extra magic from those candles or choose a new one. After our choice was made we all lit our candles from that of the flame next to us. One by one we completed the circle liting each others candles and sharing energy and well being through this Sabbat and onto the next. After all candles were lit we took turns one by one passing our candle through the consecrated elements on the altar.

Prepared now to go through the next six weeks with our blessed candles and the rite done to prepare the rest of our tools for the year, we brought the energy down. The elements were freed to go back to their pleasant and lovely realms and the Warder opened our circle. Like a snap of lightning we watched the circle open.

No communion or libations were done at this ritual so we grounded using a very unique alternative. Still standing in our circle, hands on our hips, we laughed the words, “Ha ha ha, hee hee hee, ho ho ho.”

You don’t think you are going to laugh, but it is so ridiculous that everyone erupts into laughter. I suppose that’s one way to do it!

Needless to say the ritual went off great and all that attended were very pleased and excited by having CBMC there. This public forum is exactly where we should be! A church serves its people and we are doing it!

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