Innercore Dark Moon


Today was innercore dark moon ritual for coven members. Our ritual evoked the Goddess Hecate. Scott provided a very special Hecate candle and we all lite individual votives from the power of that one candle. The working of the ritual asked us to sit in silent mediation and choose a path. The path either consists of one we walk as a family with the CBMC conven our one we choose to walk away from the coven and start a new journey. As you meditate we meditate on our choice we are reminded of the words spoken in sacred space.

“Hecate, you who stand at the crossroads, guiding us through our choice, our path, that which is destined to be. You and your hounds that howl under the dark moonlight. You who are Hecate of the crossroads. Hecate, Queen of the Underworld, you who carry those parts of our lives away, those things that are of no use to our spirits; you who take them into the dark womb and help them to be reborn into something that, once joined back with our spirit, will help us to radiate your light even brighter. You who are Hecate, the light bringer, Hecate, ancient crone of wisdom, of magic, you who are all seeing, you who are all divining, you who, when called, will help us to see, to divine, the path we must choose to walk before us. You who are Hecate, queen of the witches.”

In six months our innercore coven members will re-dedicate to CBMC or walk another path.

In perfect love and perfect trust your HP & HPS are with you.

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