Full Moon Ritual 1/23/2016

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This full moon ritual was performed by the coven’s youngest Witch, Loocey,12. This was Loocey’s first ritual ever and in duality with her twelfth birthday. She wrote the entire ritual and set the altar with things all of her own choosing.

Before we began we were directed to place our divination tool of choice on the altar. Then Loocey efficiently cast her Warder and Maiden roles and we began sweeping, circle casting and calling the quarters.

The ritual evoked the presence of Pan and he showed! It was one of our most light-hearted rituals. After calling on Pan, Loocey directed us to give divination readings to each other in sacred space using the the divination tools we brought. We had so much fun that we eventually had to be called back to the circle by the beautiful song of the singing bowl.

The ritual was ended with communion of coconut macaroons and red spiced wine followed by the opening of the circle, the farewell to the quarters, and thanks and libations to the gods.

We then gathered in the kitchen for a Mexican style potluck and a well intentioned gluten-free birthday cake. It was Syleena’s first attempt at fondant and so we forgive her! A picture of the cake is attached here to immortalize the hilarity of Syleena’s Goddess cake which looked more like something a feminist Texas Ranger might request.

We are all so proud of Loocey for her first full moon ritual.

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