April’s Egyptian Full Moon Ritual


It was the six month review of the newest structure of the Church last tonight. It was also a full moon. As inner core members it is the responsibility of each of us to conduct rituals alternately. This helps us keep up our skills as wiccans and keeps the bonds of magic tight.

Approximately six months ago the coven restructured from an elder based entity to a structure consisting of a High Priest and High Priestess. During this time many great things have taken place and the coven is growing. However, there still seems be a struggle between what is best for us personally and what is best for the Church. The word commitment seemed to secretly crawl along the backs of our minds, but the formation of thought and reality is always different and we chose to scold chaos. Chaos, a repeating word with angst and repelling nature that let’s us throw up our hands and say, “I don’t get it.”

So, it was very fitting that our full moon ritual confronted our chaos with a secret hint at commitment.

Tonight’s ritual was performed by Joey in which we confronted chaos. Just six months ago we had a similar ritual which addressed the Goddess Kali and there we confronted chaos as well. Perhaps it seemed fitting to once again revisit our old friend and  surmise how we may coexist.

Joey conducted a beautiful ritual In which we evoked the Gods Thoth and Ma’at. The altar was lavishly laid out adorning and honoring the Egyptian Gods. The ritual was complete with the sweeping of the circle, conducted by our youngest Priestess Loocey, the  casting of the circle by Scott and the calling of the elements dually evoked by Scott and Joey. At the heart of the ritual Joey asked us all to look deep inside us and think about what blocks us from spending time with our coven. She asked us to consider how we may roll with chaos so that we may find time to be with our coven.

Joey asked us to think of things that may help us in these times of chaos. Maiden of the circle, Loocey, took notes as we all suggested what types of things makes us feel better. Our list included:

  • A simple chant and reciting it over and over
  • Taking 5 minutes a day to meditate and front of your altar
  • Grounding and centering
  • Do what you need to take care of yourself
  • Gardening
  • Getting in touch with your friend
  • Exercise
  • Figure out what caused the chaos
  • Look at the chaos
  • Find the silver lining within it
  • Work with the chaos
  • Call other coven members and work together

The ritual concluded with a celebratory communion of Cakes & Ale and with the beginning of the rain came the conclusion of the ritual. However, all stayed dry because of the wisely planned erecting of tents that kept everyone dry and the beautiful toasty outdoor fire pit that kept us warm.

The remainder of the evening was spent inside with a smorgasbord of delectable food in which was discussed the future of the coven. It was decided in positive favor to keep the current organization of the Church going and the current growth and community outreach that we are providing at our new public ritual location is indeed a blessing.

Attendance was discussed and visually laid out to see how attendance impacts the Church as a whole. It is a reminder that it takes a coven to run a church and every single person expecting to get something out must give something in. As with any other elected activity in  life this entity needs you to be successful and each person plays a vital role in the production and continuing of this beautiful Church which lives to serve the public. Each person is unique and special and the presence of your energy can never be replaced.

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