Inner Core

Are you interested in becoming more involved with CBMC? Inner Core is the heart of our Church. In other words it could be looked at as the Coven of the Church. It takes a coven to to run a church and Inner Core members are directly involved in the decision making of the Church. Dedicating or becoming a Dedicant is someone who has expressed interest in becoming more involved with CBMC and wishes to spend more time with us outside public rituals to see if becoming a members serves both parties.

Inner Core members are required to attend at least 51% of all rituals in a calendar year. As a church serving its community CBMC hosts the major and minor Sabbat rituals which are open to everyone and conducted in a public place. We also conduct Inner Core rituals approximately every other month, which is on the month that there is no public Sabbat, and they are private to Inner Core members only and are conducted in private homes.

Inner Core members are vital to the heart beat of the decisions in the Church. As an Inner Core member you will be able to conduct rituals, do community work as pillar for CBMC, and vote for new members and constructs vital to the ongoing life and work of the CBMC.

Currently we have seven Inner Core members that see to all the goings on of the church from websites, public relations, and financial endeavors.  We are always open to excepting new members. Current Inner Core members will have a deciding vote after adequate time is spent with a Dedicant to the the Church.

If you are interested in becoming a member and would like to spend more time with us, please contact us